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With all the threats that damage our environment daily, and the dangers that our wildlife constantly faces.  ReProtect was created with the purpose of defending our animals and our vegetation.

We are committed to deliver the best articles about ecologic matters and to share our ideas of environmentalism and the protection of our planet’s vegetation and wildlife. With years in the field of activism and projects against the abuse of our vegetation, I, Walter Mclntyre, founded ReProtect with this purpose in mind.

The environment is ours to protect and we are determined to spread our message of peace and care. We are a website dedicated to writing articles about our environment and the latest and most important news about it as well.

What is currently happening on our planet is a serious matter to us. And the worst part is that most people haven’t realized what our environment is facing right now. That’s why we have to educate and write about it.

Our objective is to reach as many people as possible. Every visitor that read our articles is now a person who can understand what’s going on in the world, and how to change their everyday actions to be more ecological and eco-friendly.