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There are tons of issues that exist in bns
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:04 am    Post subject: There are tons of issues that exist in bns Reply with quote

I know every game has its issues and not everything can be perfect with a snap of the fingers but i cant help but feel ever since release i kinda feel like there are a lot of problems that are very easy fixes and some that shouldent even exist. I know Blade & Soul Gold is ported over from KR and ports dont always go well but the code is already there and all the bugs/issues should already be fixed you would think right? but from the endless amount of complaints and issues that keep on arising NC kinda arnt communicating to the community on exactly what they are doing we simply get a "we cannot answer that at this time" or "there are no plans to implement that just yet" or along the lines of that. There are tons of issues that exist in bns and again i know every game has its problems which is fine given that they are fixed but with bns it feels as if there is nothing being done other then "new costumes coming! buy them from store" yet we see no progress or mention of fixes. Ive been playing BNS since CBT and it is a great game, however since then ive realized its kinda going downhill which i really dont wanna say but its kinda true.

IMO, It falls into that category of this is a great single player game. you enjoy it the first time thru the story line. but any repetition soon gets old. I have not gotten geared enough to comment about the end game play (Or lack there of). For a port of a foreign developed game to the western markets, I also do not understand why we don't have everything that the original version does. But I see that in other imports too.

The theory that I have is that the gaming companies in general are trying to milk the MMO cow for the least amount of investment to maximize their earnings. It is far easier to port a game from other languages than to develop a new one yourself.

Today's general MMO player does not play any one game that long, just until the next new thing comes along. I would guess that the bulk of the player base has already 'been there, done that..." and moved on to something else. or they came back for the Lock and will move on when the lock gets to 45.

BnS itself - no, the way it's handled - yes.
While it's important to understand that costume-making team is separate from bot-eradication or bug-fixing team and they cannot just ask the costume-making resources to go ban bots or fix bugs, the raised problems are handled in a very questionable manner. Of course, even if seemingly half the community complains about X, it might just be the vocal minority, and changing X could cause an even larger uproar, so the decision shouldn't be made impulsively... but at the same time, they shouldn't be completely ignored in hope that they'll fix themselves. It feels like in fear of angering even more people and getting even more negative retorts, it is decided to keep completely silent about the matter and not do anything.

Q&A streams are an awesome idea. Getting closer to the community, learning of the issues first-hand, letting players know there's someone out there working on it and making it explicitly known that they're aware of the issues. And of course, some things are better unsaid until they're completely done, but yet again, if it turns from a Q&A stream into just a Q&Dodging stream it loses its purpose.

Despite a very open front, several moderators - admittedly - responding to forums, and Q&A streams and all the media seemingly all over the place, I feel like what NC lacks the most is openness. It feels like it's managed by someone who has never even played Blade and Soul from a chair in his office while playing, I dunno, minesweeper, and no one else can appeal his decisions or have any power to affect them.

I would love to see a lead developer come out on stage and shoot every question with genuine arguments. "Yea we have issue X however there are issues X1 X2 X3 that prevent us from doing it." or "Yea we know about community wanting X however it cannot be done on this engine so we won't do that yet." or "Yea there's issue X however it seems that the major part of community is against that.Here's a poll so y'all can decide", or heck, even something like "We won't do X because it's not profitable for us". Just the BNS Gold guy who says what is being done, what's not being done, and why. A guy with a more technical and down-to-earth perspective than people whose job is to... not make people angry.

That said, I still love the game, I like the perspective content, I enjoy both pvp-ing and pve-ing and even just hanging out with clanmates while sprinting pointlessly across misty woods, and I would still buy the costumes in hopes of my money going toward making the game better.

Please don't screw it up.

tl;dr be more open about what you're doing and why, address every issue properly - even if negatively, and I'll give you money.
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