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Madden 18 Is Perfect For Discovering American Football
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The Madden series developed by Electronic Arts has been redesigned with a new game engine and sporting simulation that is always immersive.

After Formula 1 and the NBA, it is the turn of American football, with the game Madden 18, to win on PlayStation 4 and X Box One. The game franchise developed by Electronic Arts since 1988 is a true reference for all the followers of the NFL (National Football League). This little-used sport in France is often abandoned by console addicts who prefer star licenses like FIFA, PES and NBA 2K. Yet the Madden NFL series (named John Madden, a former coach and sports consultant) very popular in the US is regularly acclaimed for its quality.

This year, the franchise is getting a new look with a new graphics engine and is getting closer to the general public. Unlike some games like Football Manager that caters to purists, Madden NFL 18 is literally serving the player. A beginner can flourish and learn the rules by playing while a specialist can make ambitious tactics. Simply choose your style of play so that artificial intelligence adapts to your level. A luxury that is not negligible.

Official simulation forces all the sponsors, teams, coaches and players of the NFL. The famous Franchise mode that allows you to play a quarterback, a coach or a club owner for a whole season and alternate positions is simply excellent. The solo or online matches are obviously part of the game as well as the Ultimate Team mode which is experiencing a very successful facelift. We can now do 3 against 3 with his friends. Everyone must coordinate a team component (offensive, defensive and strategic squad) while controlling any player during the game. The other surprise comes from the story mode "Longshot", a real surprise this year.

An Interactive Film

He was expected at the turn. For the second time in its history, Madden 18 has a script. Electronic Arts has produced a particularly interesting interactive film where narration is much more present than usual. It's a human drama that the developers wanted to keep alive. The young quaterback Devin Wade tries to revive his career in loss of speed since the death of his father. Wade begins his journey towards redemption through the Longshot television show to be spotted by recruiters. Amateurs will find the great recipes of sports films with flashbacks, a spiritual coach, a rival as well as the traditional way of the cross to become a champion again.

This story mode that lasts a little less than ten hours is much closer to a game in Heavy Rain where the choices and responses of the players have an impact in the gesture of our hero. This system called QTE (quick time event) is widely used for games that emphasize narration. Fortunately, small sequences of gameplay dot the adventure to revive the action. Electronic Arts has done things in great and actors have given their appearances in motion capture. Film enthusiasts will recognize Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali in Moonlight and House of Cards. The scenario validated by the NFL shows well the expectations and difficulties to break into this environment. Eschewing a subtle criticism of the sports system and the media, Longshot is closer to the realism of the documentary series on Netflix, Last Chance U.

Immersion, Write Your Name

Sequins, giant screens, hysterical screams, slow motion on actions, the American show holds all its promises. Forget the previous versions before the technical quality of it. The public, the stadiums, the animations on the grounds, the lights the players have been modeled to perfection. The Frostbite Engine graphic engine used on Battlefield, Star Wars Battle Front or FIFA 18 raises the license. Everything is more fluid and clearer. Madden 18 is clearly a giant leap in the next generation console that will arrive soon. The staging with its twirling cameras and close-ups drawn on the small screen gives the impression of being really on television. We are close to the smell of popcorn and hot dogs.

The finding is the same regarding the audio performance of the incredible game of realism. It is enough to close your eyes to really imagine in the public. It was clear that the crowd actually saw the game. Sports commentators (who are in the life of national celebrities) make (for once) relevant analyzes. Fans of the Friday Night Live series or the Super Bowl final should be thrilled with the immersive quality of the title. With a potential of several hundred hours of games, Madden 18 is perfect for discovering American football. Too bad there are still flats like the loading time between the parties which is still too long as well as the non-translation of the license. Hopefully the game will benefit from a French version next year for its 20 years.

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